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DC Roofing uses only the highest quality roofing material:
  • Only the highest quality roofing shingles are used with 30-40 year manufacturer warranties
  • Shingles are installed over a special protective layer that adds more water resistance
  • All chimney and side flashing is changed to make the roofing installation job last decades
  • Wind warranty application is provided for every roof
Most importantly our roofing service contractors nail each shingle like it is our own roof, so when the rain falls, you stay dry. Integrity, expert workmanship, and quality are what live by every day. Our highest reward is your recommendation of our roofing services to your neighbors and friends. We depend on that, and we figure it must be well deserved. DC Roofing only employs experienced re-roof professionals with sufficient years of experience.

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Installing Roof Shingles

Installing Asphalt Shingles Asphalt shingles are the roofing choice for most home owners in Alberta, and the rest of Canada. They perform well in all types of climates, provide variety of roofing options, and are available in multitude of colours, shapes and textures, to complement every house design. Asphalt shingles are also less expensive than some other roof material products, and are generally cheaper to repair. We ensure all shingles are installed according to the Wind Warranty application outlined by shingle manufacturers.

Re-roof in the winter? Absolutely! With the introduction of synthetic shingles, the temperature required to adhere the shingles is much cooler than with previous organic shingles. Many new homes have shingles applied in the winter for this reason. In out are, with the frequency of Chinooks during the winter, you can be confident that your shingles will adhere in the winter as well as they would in the summer.

IKO shingles are manufactured in Calgary; supporting our local economy is important to DC Roofing. All asphalt shingles removed from your roof are recycled.

Installing Roofing Underlayment

Synthetic Roof Underlayment Felt paper or synthetic underlayment is installed as an additional insurance (beware if shingles are nailed without a layer of synthetic or felt paper). As a premier roofing contractor we also install additional underlayment called “ice and water shield” or “ice guard”, which is used for the first several courses of underlayment, and is necessary in cold climates such as ones in Alberta.

Ice and Water Shiled For optimum protection ice and water shield is applied in valleys, obstructions, along the eaves and rake edges of the roof. Make sure ask about it when you receive any roofing estimate.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar Shingles Cedar Shakes are common in the Calgary area. They also perform well in all types of climates. Cedar shakes are available in several different thicknesses (e.g., #1 Heavy, #2) and split applications (e.g., hand split, saw split). DC Roofing has extensive experience installing Cedar shakes and can assist you in choosing which type is best for your home and our Calgary climate.

Euro Shield: Euroshake

EuroShakes EuroShield Rubber Roofing

At DC Roofing we are proud to offer Euroshake; Euroshield recycled rubber roofing shakes as an alternative to asphalt or cedar. Euroshake endorses that you will likely never have to replace your roof again. Euroshake is resistant to hail, leaving your roof undamaged during Calgary’s unexpected and often severe hail storms. DC Roofing will provide you with a 10 year workmanship warranty when you choose Euroshake materials. As a manufacturer, Euroshake provides you with a 50 year home owner transferable warranty, meaning that if you sell your home there warranty will transfer to the new owners for up to 50 years after installation; a great selling feature!

Euroshield rubber shakes are manufactured in Calgary; supporting our local economy is important to DC Roofing. They are made from recycled tires reducing waste and promoting an environmentally friendly alternative.


Roof and Valley Flashing Flashing is metal or rubber barrier used to protect the seams around the roof elements or adjoining surfaces. You may require roof repairs to change your roof flashing or to add extra protection. Metal flashing is made of galvanized steel, copper or aluminum. Flashing’s job is to channel water off the roof and away from the seams. It’s installed in the areas where shingles cannot be applied, and would otherwise be prone to the leaks. Flashing in most cases has to be custom made for each roof.

Closed Valleys Flashing is a critical component of installing a roof, that helps keep the structure watertight. Most roofs have flashings in the valleys and around the dormers. In the Calgary area, where we are prone Chinooks and drastic temperature changes in the winter, we recommend metal valleys. Closed valleys (i.e., shingled valleys) are prone to quicker deterioration due to our unique winters.
  • Old flashing is used as a template for the new flashing pieces
  • New flashing is installed around the chimney and other roof elements
  • Flashing is installed in the valley, to guide water down the roof


Roof Ventilation Venting Did you know that your roof should have a vent for every 300 square feet? This efficient ventilation helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We will ensure the correct amount of vents are installed on any new or re-roof.





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